Active Kids

About the Active Kids Voucher Program 

NSW Government’s 2024 Active Kids Voucher program provides two $50 vouchers each calendar year to parents, guardians and carers of school-aged children receiving a Family Tax Benefit 

The $50 voucher is available twice a year. 

Voucher 1 – 2024: Available from term 1  

  • Applications open: 1 February 2024 
  • Apply for and use the voucher by: 31 December 2024 

Voucher 2 – 2024: Available from term 3  

  • Applications open: 15 July 2024  
  • Apply for and use the voucher by: 14 July 2025  

Cricket NSW is organising for all affiliated Clubs, Associations and Woolworths Cricket Blast Centres to be registered activity providers. This will allow participants and players to redeem their voucher (if applicable) when registering to play at 

What do parents need to do? 

Parents, guardians or carers of school-aged children will need to go to The Service NSW Website to apply. They will be required to create their MyServiceNSW Account if they don’t already have one.  

Parents can then redeem their voucher when registering their child for any cricket program via The opportunity to enter a voucher code to receive a discount of up to $50 will appear on the final payment screen. 

Parents will need to have both their voucher code and PIN ready. Any amounts owing (for registration fees in excess of $50) will need to be paid online at the time of registration for the voucher to be redeemable. 

What does your Club or Association need to do? 

To be able to offer the redemption of an Active Kids voucher, all a Club or Association needs to do is take their player and participant registrations online via 

Online Registration setup is performed in the Online Registration & Payments section of the PlayHQ Admin website. 

Information and help with this can be viewed here or by sending an email to . Vouchers can only be redeemed via this method. 

How do Clubs and Associations get reimbursed for the value of vouchers that have been redeemed? 

Cricket NSW is able to offer a fully automated voucher redemption system meaning that Clubs and Associations will receive the full amount of the registration fee* regardless of whether a voucher has been redeemed. 

When registering their child via, parents will have the opportunity to redeem a voucher at the final payment screen. Any amounts owing above and beyond the $50 maximum value of the vouchers need to be paid online at this time. 

When a voucher is claimed during a registration, an automatic process triggers Service NSW to send the amount of money equivalent to the value of the voucher to Cricket Australia. Cricket Australia then combines this amount with any residual amount paid by the parent and distributes the entire amount* to the Club or Association via the weekly disbursement process that applies to all online registration payments. 

Further information on redeeming vouchers is available on the Service NSW website at redeeming vouchers from customers 

Parents experiencing difficulties with navigating the Service NSW website or claiming a voucher can contact Service NSW on 13 77 88. 

*Woolworth Cricket Blast Program Fees, Player Insurance and MyCricket Service Fees may apply. 


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