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Cricket Blast Coordinator Training Module

As the new cricket season approaches, we are thrilled to introduce a brand-new initiative that is geared towards upskilling our Cricket Blast Coordinators with the knowledge and tools they need to deliver the Cricket Blast program. 

This online learning module is designed to empower individuals within your club to take on the Cricket Blast Coordinator responsibilities with confidence and competence. 

Whether they are a dedicated volunteer ready to take on the coordinator role, a supportive parent who wants to contribute in a new way, or an aspiring coach, this course offers a tailored learning experience that will help prepare them for the upcoming season. 

Click HERE to access the Cricket Australia Online Resources page

Watch this quick 3-minute video to hear our most important messages for your Blast Centre this season!

CNSW - Cricket Blast Coordinator Training Video

It is crucial that we create an environment where kids can learn and develop their skills, while having fun at Woolworths Cricket Blast Centres!

As mentioned in the video above, the 3 key messages that we want you to know when running a Blast Centre are:

  • Ensure there are Batting and Bowling activities every week.
  • Provide opportunities for players to put their Batting and Bowling skills into practice with modified games as they develop.
  • Create opportunities for kids (and parents) to socialise and make lasting friendships.

Here are some examples of Batting and Bowling games you can play with your Blasters this week:

Batting Blast

Junior Blasters - Batting Blast

Bowling FUNdamentals

Junior Blasters - Bowling FUNdamentals

Rapid Fire Batting

Junior Blasters - Rapid Fire Batting

Cricket Crossfire

Junior Blasters - Cricket Crossfire

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