Submitting a Complaint

Report a disclosure or incident


What can I complain about?

  • abuse, harassment (sexual or otherwise), bullying, sexual misconduct, unlawful discrimination, victimisation or vilification including that occurs on social media
  • concerns about matters related to safeguarding children and young people
  • doping matters or illicit substances
  • illegal or unethical behaviour in relation to betting on cricket or the outcome of a cricket match
  • conduct that may bring cricket or CNSW into disrepute
  • conduct that may be prejudicial to the interests of cricket or CNSW


Note: This complaint process DOES NOT apply to:

  • personal grievances
  • competition-related rules
  • eligibility and selection
  • governance matters
  • employment-related misconduct

If your complaint falls in one of these categories or is not listed on this page, please email



Ways to make a Compliant

Option 1:

For a confidential phone call dial 0426 681 271.

Calls can be made to the above number at any time, with calls between 8:30am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday being answered by the Head of Integrity (and messages left outside those hours). Calls will be actioned as soon as practical and be treated with care and confidentiality.
You are welcome to discuss your complaint and the process involved before deciding to provide your personal details.

Option 2:


Click here to access a form which you can complete online.


  • Your complaint will be listened to and you will be told whether it is something that can be managed under the Complaints and Dispute Resolution Policy (CDRP) and, if not, whether there are other options for pursuing your complaint;
  • You will have all of the information that is necessary for your complaint to be carefully considered;
  • You and your complaint will be recorded and monitored and you will be asked to provide personal information.  All personal information will be held and dealt with in accordance with the Privacy Act 1998 and CNSW’s Privacy Policy.
  • Complaints may be made anonymously, however CNSW may be limited in any action it can take if we are unable to contact you.
  • Your complaint will be managed confidentially and only people with a ‘need to know’ will be involved
  • If it is necessary to disclose information to prevent or lessen a serious risk to the life or health of any person in accordance with the Privacy Act, you will be informed.
  • You may be referred to the appropriate Cricket Organisation to manage your complaint. This could mean CNSW itself, an Association, Cricket Council or Zone. Complaints involving a local cricket club, or club player, may be dealt with by the Association that the club is affiliated to.
  • The cricket organisation may need to investigate the complaint, and may need to contact you to obtain more information.
  • Complaints under the Integrity Framework may be referred to a hearing and be dealt with by authorised personnel or Tribunals appointed by the Associations or CNSW. In the event of a hearing, you may be requested to provide information in relation to your complaint.
  • Authorised personnel and Tribunals can impose a wide range of sanctions for breaches of Integrity Policies, from a caution or warning, to bans on attending matches, to suspensions from involvement in playing, refereeing, coaching or administering cricket, and other sanctions as appropriate.
  • You will be advised on any investigation and hearing by CNSW during the process wherever possible.  However, it is important to note that in some matters, confidentiality may prevent you receiving details of the investigation or hearing. 
  • Here is no avenue of appeal to a complainant once a complaint has been finalised in accordance with the CDRP.
  • In matters that do not constitute a breach of an Integrity Policy, CNSW will work with you to help with other ways to manage your complaint.

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