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Safeguarding Children and Young People

Cricket NSW strongly encourage every cricket club to do the following

1. Endorse Cricket Australia's Safeguarding Children and Young people Policy.

2. Sign and endorse the Commitment Statement.

3. Sign and endorse Australian Cricket Looking after our Kids Code of Behaviour for Affiliated Clubs  and Associations (this provides practical examples of what is a child safe club).

4. Appoint a Child Safety officer.

All of the above resources can be found here.

Working with Children Check in NSW

Office of Children's Guardian's position on Working With Children Checks

In NSW, The Office of the Children’s Guardian exempt parents who are coaching their own child and umpires from having a WWCC. Cricket NSW abides by the State regulation. We encourage all clubs to actively promote all the best examples of good child safe practices which can be found in the Looking after our Kids Code of Behaviour.

The Working with Children Check is one very small part of overall good child safe practices.

Clubs must not rely on whether volunteers  do or do not have a WWCC but more importantly ensure that every club member is taking child safety seriously.

Cricket Australia encourage every Club to ask for WWCC from these people. However in NSW if you are a parent of a child in the team, you DO NOT need a WWCC.

Who requires a WWCC in NSW:

  • All paid persons working with children under 18 years of age
  • A volunteer who will coach, coordinate, manage or assist with a team that their own child is NOT in

Who does not require a WWCC in NSW:

  • A VOLUNTEER PARENT assisting, coaching or managing their OWN child’s team does NOT need a WWCC check.
  • Umpires

Do I need a paid $80 check or free volunteer check?

The $80 check is only for paid workers. The Office of the Children’s Guardian state

In determining if it is paid or unpaid we would consider a role to be unpaid where the worker is reimbursed for expenses connected to the duties i.e travel costs, out of pocket expenses etc.
Where a person receives a set fee for a set distinct set of duties is considered paid work and requires a paid check, regardless of the amount of pay.

Clubs: what you must do now.

1. Clubs must register as Employers so that they can ‘check’ the WWC Checks of all people in their club that need one.

2. There must be a register kept of all WWCC numbers

3. Clubs eg. the Child Safety Officer should ‘check’ reach check online and record this. 

More information is here.

For Cricket Australia’s safeguarding children policy please click here.

Being a Child Safe Organisation

The Working with Children Check is only one small component of ensuing children are safe in your environment. While a criminal record check can be an important tool in an organisation’s approach to being ‘child safe’, they can’t identify people who have not previously been caught or are yet to offend. Good child safe policies and practices are the best way to reduce potential environmental risks and keep kids safer. Implementing effective child safe policies and practices is the best way for an organisation to protect the children they are involved with.

A Child Safe organisation:

The checklist provided by the Office of Children’s Guardian is a great way to get started in putting Child Safe practices into place and can be downloaded here

The following websites contain further information and resources to support Clubs and Associations:

Play by the Rules – Child protection strategies, online training and support templates and resources for Clubs

Office of the Children’s Guardian – Child Safe Sports information, resources and courses

SMARTPLAY – Sport safety and injury prevention

Cyber (smart:) – Keeping young people safe online

Keep Them Safe – A NSW government website dedicated to child safety

Australian Childhood Foundation – Advise on child protection and child abuse