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Information to assist clubs and volunteer administrators in NSW

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Cricket NSW run an Internship program for university students.

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Clubs - do you struggle to attract volunteers?

The Australian Sports Commission have commissioned a very useful report called the ‘Market Segmentation Study for Volunteers’. Please click here to view a copy of the report.

This helps identify segments in the Australian community with the greatest potential for recruitment of new sport volunteers, and practices and strategies for the retention of current sport volunteers.

The Study identifies 10 segments among the Australian adult population 14-75 years old:

5 volunteer segments - Happy Helpers, Community Committed, Overcommitted, Opportunists and Altruists;

5 non-volunteer segments - Self Servers, Sidelined, Occupied Observers, Well Intentioned, and Uninvolved.

In summary:

Happy Helpers: 33% of sport volunteers. Usually Mums. Happy to help out occasionally. Dislike criticism. Prefer smaller support roles. Recruit through their children.

Community Committed: 34% of sport volunteers. Typically older male. Likes position of authority. Protective  of the way the club is run. Don’t like others to help out. Need to feel valued.

Overcommitted: 12% of sport volunteers. Usually parents of young families. Volunteer because they feel it is expected. Get involved in lots of things so lapse due to over-commitment. Short time period roles are better.

Opportunists: 9% of club volunteers. Teen or young adult looking to further their career. Like to be trained and have their views taken into account. Similar to Self – servers.

Altruists: 12% of sport volunteers. Usually mature adult. Like to give back to the community. Need to feel valued and like to be thanked.

From the 5 non-volunteer segments, these groups could be engaged in your sport:

Self servers: 39% would volunteer in the future. Motivated by career opportunities or meeting elite / famous players. Offer roles to benefit their career.

Sidelined: 54% would volunteer in the future! Across all ages / demographics. Lack of time and family commitments. Will help if asked for small tasks.

Occupied Observers: 31% would volunteer in the future. Busy with children but very likely to volunteer as children get more involved. Have a ‘compulsory help’ on your registration.

Well Intentioned: unlikely to volunteer in sport unless with a family member.

Uninvolved: unlikely to volunteer at all.

Please click on the links above for a summary of each group and how to best attract them to your Club.

Resources for clubs managing volunteers

The following are resources from the NSW Sports Federation to assist clubs with recruiting, keeping and rewarding volunteers.

Recruiting Volunteers

Keeping Your Volunteers

Rewarding Your Volunteers

For more information on any of these, please contact Julie Stafford, Community Engagement manager on