The Sydney Junior Winter Cricket Association [SJWCA] is the latest body to align its players in the under-10 to 13 age groups with Australian cricket’s new Junior Formats.

When the 2018 season starts on April 29 each SJWCA player aged nine-to-12 will play a form of cricket that boasts shorter pitches, smaller boundaries, less players on the field and allows for each participant to have a bat and bowl.

Since it was piloted across the nation in 2017-18, the new Junior Formats have been hailed by such luminaries as Glenn McGrath, Alan Davidson, Alex Blackwell, as well as Cricket Australia’s Greg Chappell and Belinda Clark, as a great way for young players to enjoy a far greater engagement with the sport and to also help fast track their skill development.  

Eighty five percent of Junior Associations across NSW adopted the revised formats during the 2017-18 roll out, and Cricket Australia’s Neil McDonald described the decision by the 80-team strong SJWCA to embrace the new rules as “exciting.”

“I enjoyed a great meeting with the representatives of the Sydney Junior Winter Cricket Association,” said McDonald. “They went through the rules and appreciated the benefits of taking on the new Junior Formats.

“Cricket Australia will be supplying each team with equipment, scorebooks and tape measures – just as we did for those teams that signed on [for the formats] in the summer.

“We’re excited to have the SJWCA on-board, and by adopting the formats in all stages they’ll also be aligning the winter competition with the summer competitions.

“It was also refreshing that they immediately realised that the standard of play would be improved by reducing the size of the pitch because there’ll be more balls in play due to the simple fact bowlers can get the ball down to the other end more easily.”

The Sydney Junior Winter Cricket Association has been in operation since it’s inception in the St George district in 2004 and allows over a thousand children aged between 10-16 the opportunity to play cricket from late April until the end of June.

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