The NSW Breakers have been named Australasia’s Best Women’s Sporting Team in a 2020 study by Platinum Asset Management (Platinum), together with GAIN LINE Analytics (GAIN LINE).

Platinum and GAIN LINE presented their annual analysis on Australasia’s (Australia and New Zealand) Best Sporting Team (ABST), with the Breakers coming in fourth overall behind the NRL’s Melbourne Storm, Super Rugby’s Canterbury Crusaders and Sydney FC from the A-League.

The Breakers were the top women’s team and third overall in the same analysis last year. Last summer they were runner’s up in the WNCL.

In further news for Cricket NSW’s elite teams, the Sydney Sixers’ BBL team were 22nd and the NSW Blues 25th.

The study analyses every game in every sport in Australasia that conducts an ongoing home/away or equivalent competition that included Australian teams and has been analysed subject to the competition criteria. 

The analysis, based on rolling five year outcomes (2016-2020), has grown to 18 competitions, including seven women’s competitions, and the unisex Oceanic Pro League (esports). Over 8,000 individual matches were included in the dataset analysed. 

ABST brings an analytical approach to how relationships within teams (‘cohesion’) are important drivers of outcomes, a fact often overlooked as conventional analysis tends to study talent and leadership. 

ABST was designed to bring an analytical approach to answering questions like whether great historic teams could have survived in today’s competitions, or about which football code is the best of all. In doing so it aims to start a new conversation about greatness. 

The rise of women’s sport continued this year with 64 teams now under analysis by Platinum and GAIN LINE. 

This year we saw a second female team break into the top 10, Melbourne City (soccer) joining the Breakers among Australia’s finest. 

NSW Breakers head coach Dom Thornely believes the standing of his side in the analysis was recognition for players past and present.  

“This acknowledgement comes with a great deal of pride at CNSW and many of the NSW Breakers current and past players,” Thornely said. 

“The NSW Breakers are genuine pioneers of the game and this acknowledgement sits proudly with our group as we continue to use our sport as a platform to inspire everyone to break new ground.”

More details about the analysis and the top 25 can be found here.