Twelve local club cricketers from across NSW have had the honour of playing a match against the NSW Blues on the hallowed turf of the SCG as a reward for doing their bit helping to promote the importance of having a ‘Plan B’ and not drink driving.

To make the squad, entrants needed to demonstrate their reliability, on and off the field, and understand the importance of planning ahead to get home safely when going out drinking.

Bernard Carlon, Executive Director of the Centre for Road Safety at Transport for NSW praised the support of the NSW Blues in promoting the important Plan B message.

“People are human and make mistakes on our roads – but it shouldn’t cost anyone their life.

“Thanks to community education and outreach programs like this, we’ve been able to engage in a long term community conversation with NSW cricket fans and empower people to make the right driving decisions.

“We have reduced the number of lives lost to drink driving over the years but alcohol remains a leading factor in NSW road trauma. Preliminary data shows that last year at least 69 people were killed in crashes involving alcohol and in the twelve months to June 2018 and more than 360 were seriously injured.

“When a life is lost on our roads it has a knock-on effect for families, friends, work mates and communities. For many people living with the lifelong impacts of a crash, activities such as a game of cricket are no longer possible.

“We want everyone to enjoy themselves, but if you’ve been drinking we don’t want you putting your life, your passengers’ lives and the lives of other motorists at risk. The road is no place for excuses – if you’re drinking, don’t drive and make sure you have a Plan B to get home safely.”

NSW Blues Captain and Community Road Safety Ambassador Peter Nevill emphasised that road safety is a shared responsibility and everyone has a role to play in keeping our roads safe within sport and across the NSW community.

“We know our fans resonate with the Plan B message and we’re proud to promote such an important road safety campaign to our fans as we all work together Towards Zero,” Mr Nevill said.

“This opportunity has touched the lives of many cricketers in NSW and has shown that it’s not always about slick skills or the number of runs on the board, it’s about reliability, planning ahead and being the kind of person who knows how to get their team home safely.”