As part of National Child Protection Week 2021, 5 – 11 September, Cricket NSW acknowledges the role that cricket plays in building community and creating a connected, safe and positive environment for children.

To treat all of Australia’s children fairly, as a society we need to make sure every family and community has what children need to thrive and be healthy.

Cricket NSW CEO Lee Germon said that creating a safe and supportive environment for everyone that connects with cricket is a priority for the state’s governing cricket body.

“Cricket NSW puts great importance on ensuring we have in place well publicised policies, procedures and resources to safeguard the wellbeing of those who play cricket,” Germon said.

“We want everyone who is involved in cricket, particularly children to feel safe at all times and provide comfort to parents and guardians that their loved ones are in the best setting possible.

“National Child Protection Week provides our community with the perfect opportunity to review, upskill and implement additional measures to further ensure the safety of children as we all look forward to new cricket season.”

To provide a safe environment for children to experience the benefits of cricket, Cricket NSW operates under Cricket Australia’s national Safeguarding Kids and Young People framework.

The Safeguarding Kids and Young People framework includes the below Policy and Codes:

- Safeguarding Kids and Young People Policy

- Looking After Our Kids Code of Behaviour for Affiliated Associations and Clubs

- Looking After Our Kids Code of Behaviour for Australian Cricket Personnel

- Commitment Statement for Safeguarding Children & Young People

The 2021 theme for National Child Protection Week is all about the importance of the ‘bigger picture’ in addressing child abuse and neglect.

Children can thrive and be healthy when they have what they need to develop but not every family has these resources.

This is why that as a society we need to support every child, family and community according to their needs. This will create a healthier, fairer Australia for all children.

Child Protection Week 2021 is an opportunity to translate this knowledge into action. All skillsets, all people, and all communities are assets in this important endeavour.

Let’s make sure our neighbourhoods have strong foundations for families and children – jobs, safe places, libraries, parks, playgrounds, schools, childcare, affordable housing, health services, social activities, clubs, friendly neighbours, businesses and more.

Many in our cricket community are already playing their part every day – as individuals, as community members, as volunteers and as workers – to help create great communities for children.

During National Child Protection Week 2021, NAPCAN has a number of free webinars and workshops covering a range of related topics. For further information or to book your place, click on the links below.

Useful Links:

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