The Board of Cricket NSW yesterday suspended the Board of Management of the Newcastle City and Suburban Cricket Association Inc (NC&SCA) and appointed two interim administrators to manage the Association and its competition.


Cricket NSW has been conducting an investigation into the affairs of the Association for several months, appointing Peter Parsons APM retired Assistant Commissioner of Police to conduct an independent investigation that led to further investigations by accounting firm, Bottrell Accounting Group, which are ongoing.


As a result of those investigations, Cricket NSW has concluded that, for several seasons, the Association’s Board of Management has failed to manage the Association in accordance with the minimum required standard of competence and that the current Board of Management is not capable of administering the Association to the necessary standard.


On several occasions, the Board has failed to observe the requirements of its own Constitution, including the implementation and administration of basic financial controls and practices. Significant personal differences between Board members have also disrupted the smooth running of the competition and are believed to have contributed to a decline in the number of participating teams.


No allegation of dishonesty is made against any individual.


Experienced Cricket NSW Club Officer Sharyn Beck, will assume responsibility for managing the competition in the 2021-22 season, while Matthew Anderson from Bottrell Accounting Group will take responsibility for independently administering the finances of the Association. Bottrell’s have instructions to ensure that appropriate financial systems and practices are implemented and followed.


Beck’s family have played in the NC&SCA competition for the last six years and she has extensive knowledge of systems and compliance through her Club Officer role.


Cricket NSW CEO Lee Germon said his organisation’s stand was not taken without months of investigation and serious consideration.


“We have made this decision reluctantly but having received the interim report from Peter Parsons, the initial findings from the subsequent review of the NC&SCA’s finances and the delay in receiving the requested information, we concluded that it was necessary to take firm action to preserve and reinvigorate the NC&SCA competition,” Germon said.


“The NC&SCA will celebrate 100 years of cricket this summer and have been an extremely important part of the history of the game in Newcastle, but the decline in playing numbers over the last four years could not be overlooked.


“We want to assure the clubs, teams and players that our goal is to provide them with the ongoing opportunity to continue to play in the competition they enjoy, and to help it thrive.”


Germon has today contacted NC&SCA president Phil Northey to thank him for his service to cricket and inform him of CNSW’s decision.