The response of government and community organisations towards COVID-19 has continued to evolve in recent weeks. Cricket NSW is grateful for the continued support and resilience of its volunteers and their commitment to delivering a safe and enjoyable season of cricket.

The following information addresses key updates from the NSW Government and Cricket Australia, clarifies Cricket NSW’s position on the sharing of equipment and provides Match Day Guidelines to assist with the formulation of local Playing Conditions specific to the COVID-19 scenario.

Associations and Clubs are encouraged to do everything they can to ensure that everyone involved with cricket is aware of what is required to ensure cricket continue in a safe manner. 

NSW Government Announcement – 24 September 2020

- This announcement supersedes the NSW Government advice provided on 14 August 2020

- Inter-regional and inter-zone activities may now occur providing that a COVID-19 Safety Plan is in place

- There is no longer a limitation that only one parent may attend community sporting activities

School and community sports activities

“From Saturday 26 September, interregional community sporting competitions may recommence without restricting these activities to regions or zones, where there is a COVID-19 Safety Plan for the school or community sport activity in place. More than one parent may now attend community sporting activities if physical distancing of at least 1.5 metres can be maintained between people that are not from the same household. Ensure strict compliance with all other elements of the COVID-19 Safety Plan. Non-essential adults should continue to be excluded from sporting activities held during the normal school day.

School and community sports organisations and participants should continue to avoid shared travel arrangements such as carpooling, and to minimise gatherings before and after the event.”

The full announcement, which also covers other matters, can be accessed at this link, click here

Cricket NSW Update

Updated advice based on the NSW Government announcement

On the basis of the advice that “interregional community sporting competitions may recommence without restricting these activities to regions or zones”, Cricket NSW is removing its previous advice issued on 19 August 2020 that there be a pause on all non-professional cricket activity that brings people from different regions together, including training and playing.

Cricket NSW has recommenced those aspects of Metropolitan and Regional CNSW Pathway and Academy programs that bring squads together across regions and zones. We continue to consider the implications of the COVID situation with respect to our Youth Championships, Regional T20 Bash, Country Cricket NSW representative programs and State Challenges and will issue further communication in the near future.

We continue to encourage all community competitions to prioritise the playing of ‘one day’ cricket this season to allow the commencement and completion of games within a single day. This will avoid potential ‘no results’ or issues with player availability or substitutions if community sport is disrupted during the season due to COVID-19.

We encourage associations and clubs to reach out to your local Cricket NSW staff if you need assistance, advice or support in getting your competition up and running.

Equipment Sharing

In accordance with the direction provided by NSW Health, and the recent update from Cricket Australia, Cricket NSW wishes to clarify that protective equipment may be shared between players provided that:

- The sharing of equipment is minimised where possible

- The equipment is cleaned with detergent and an alcohol-based disinfectant between each use

Furthermore, Cricket NSW recommends that items be left to dry in direct sunlight where possible. Ensuring that team kits have four sets of each key protective item will ensure that equipment can be safely rotated through use, cleaning, disinfection and drying phases without creating time delays.
COVID-19 Safety Tasks

Cricket NSW wishes to remind its affiliated organisations of the key activities associated with the current Public Health directives in place to ensure a safe environment for those participating in cricket. These tasks are outlined in the Cricket NSW COVID Checklist which can be accessed here.
Community Cricket Match Day Guidelines

Cricket NSW has developed some guidelines to assist with the implementation of Playing Conditions at a local level. These guidelines have been developed with consideration of the Cricket Australia “Return to Playing – Practical Guidelines” document as well as the advice being provided by the NSW and ACT Governments.

These guidelines may also act as a handy reference guide for teams and match officials on match day and can be accessed here.
Guiding principles for Associations and other bodies that organise cricket competitions

The presence of COVID-19 will present several challenges to community cricket organisations. Cricket NSW encourages Associations and other bodies that organise cricket competitions to amend existing formats, structures and procedures and undertake measures to maximise participation throughout the season.

Recommendations for Associations and other bodies that organise cricket competitions

Scheduling single-day matches provides clubs with greater flexibility to field teams for each match and removes the potential for matches to be compromised if participants have been required to self-isolate between Week 1 and Week 2 of a match.

Introducing additional flexibility in relation to substitutions and/or the number of players being able to participate in a match e.g. allowing an extra player to be included in a team and having one player nominated as a specialist batter and another as a specialist bowler – noting that competitions played under Australian Cricket Junior Formats already make accommodations for this.

Implement changes to local Playing Conditions in such a manner that they may be easily and promptly updated, altered or removed should future circumstances require it e.g. by inclusion as a supplement to existing Playing Conditions, or by passing a motion that empowers the Executive Committee to make amendments to Playing Conditions in relation to COVID-19 without requiring a general or special resolution of the membership on each occasion.

Cricket Australia Update

In response to the divergence of Health Department advice across the nation’s States and Territories, Cricket Australia has updated its Return To Playing information - particularly in relation to the sharing of cricket equipment. This is reflected in the resources available at

Further Information

For further information regarding COVID-19 please visit