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Cricket NSW has a strong affiliation with Cricket Clubs throughout the entire State

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Cricket NSW has a strong affiliation with Cricket Clubs throughout the entire State. With over 1,600 registered Cricket Clubs in NSW, 10 Regional Cricket Managers (six in Country NSW and four in the Sydney Metropolitan area) administer and assist this large number of cricket enthusiasts in the day to day running of the local competitions.

The Cricket Managers are armed with tools of the trade to ensure volunteers at local Clubs have a friendly face to turn to in time of need. There are a number of strategies to assist Clubs manage their business including the following: 

Include Everyone 

  • Be welcoming of all community members (indigenous, ethnic, culturally diverse).
  • Develop an induction program for new members outlining history, policies and activities.
  • Include females in playing and administrative capacities.
  • Organise family days around Christmas or end-of-season.
  • Regularly reinforce the expectations of all club members highlighting sportsmanship, respect for opponents and the Spirit of Cricket.

Image – Raising the profile of your club 

  • Local Government is the single biggest ‘sponsor’ of cricket. Identify a club member to liaise and develop friendships with key-LGA officers responsible for the grounds you use.
  • Appoint a Publicity Officer
  • If you have a club newsletter, include key-contacts outside the club in the circulation.
  • Maintain links with the local community and support local events.
  • Set standards for club members, eg. Dress code on/off the field.
  • Invite local MP’s, council staff and other dignitaries to attend presentations.

Promotion – To present your club as an attractive organisation to be involved with 

  • Devise and distribute ‘good news’ stories to media outlets
  • Keep club members informed of decisions and activities
  • Appoint a person to maintain the club’s website
  • Promote your club and its activities to the broader community as a ‘community asset’

Planning – develop a vision for your club which all members share and support 

  • Hold your AGM in May-June to enable off-season planning to commence early.
  • Devise a Strategic Plan that outlines the club’s vision and goals both on and off the field.
  • Prepare a Position Description for every role in your club listing tasks in point form.
  • Develop a committee structure that clearly defines the role of all members.

Policies & Procedures - Guidelines for efficient and effective operations 

  • Inform Club Members of Policies and Rules.
  • Adopt Child Protection Policies and Codes of Conduct for coaches, players, parents etc.
  • Ensure all club officials and coaches are familiar with the Cricket Australia Junior Policy.
  • Formally adopt and implement recommendations of the CA Junior Cricket Policy.
  • Ensure your club is Incorporated.
  • Appoint a person or committee to review potential risks to members in club operations.

Finance & Sponsorship – To ensure sufficient resources to remain sustainable 

  • Offer flexible payment options
  • Organise fundraising activities to include non-club members.
  • When seeking sponsorship, product can be offered in lieu of cash.
  • Recognise club sponsors and invite them to attend club functions

As this web page develops, we will be adding forms and documents in a downloadable form for member clubs to take advantage of in the management of their organisations. 

Please check back regularly, and should you have any questions regarding your involvement in “Clubland” please do not hesitate contacting your local Cricket Manager.