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Junior Blasters

Cricket Blast is Cricket Australia's entry level program for girls and boys. It plays a major role in achieving our vision to be Australia's favourite sport by ensuring the long term health of cricket within clubs and schools.

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Cricket Blast captures the colour and excitement of the Men's and Women's Big Bash League in a fun and fast format.

Junior Blasters is for kids learning the basic skills of cricket with participants building their skills through fun, game based activities. The activities are designed for small groups to ensure every child gets a go, allowing them to test and learn new skills. When they have mastered the basics they will be ready for modified games of cricket.

The Junior Blasters program is set up in a way that regardless of skill level, participants can progress through the different levels of activity until they have the basic cricket skills required to progress to Master Blasters program. Participants therefore progress to Master Blasters Program only when they master these basic cricket skills.

Skills that children will learn and improve in Junior Blasters include:

  • Social skills
  • Cricket skills
  • Game sense
  • Fundamental movement skills


Social skills

  •  Interaction with children and parents with similar interest
  • Opportunities for parents and children to get involved
  • Parents and children can make new friends
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Sportsmanship


Cricket skills

  •  Batting skills
  • Bowling skills
  • Fielding skills


Game sense

  •  Learning how to make runs
  • Learning how to take wickets
  • Learning how to stop runs being scored
  • Decision making


Fundamental movement skills

  •  Object control skills
  • Bowling
  • Throwing
  • Catching and fielding
  • Striking (batting)


Body management skills

  •  Stopping
  • Bending
  • Twisting
  • Landing
  • Stretching
  • Static and Dynamic Balancing
  • Turning


Locomotor skills

  •  Running
  • Walking
  • Hopping
  • Jumping