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Coaching Cricket

High Performance Coach Accreditation (Level 3)

As part of its National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS), recognised by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC), Cricket Australia is responsible for the organization and conduct of High Performance (Level Three) courses.

Cricket Australia conducts one High Performance (Level 3) Course each year. This is generally held at the Centre of Excellence in Brisbane. Cricket NSW is usually invited to nominate a maximum of four candidates to the course. 

The selection criteria as set down by Cricket Australia are: 

  • Currently accredited Representative (Level 2) Coach
  • Recommended to have three years experience as a practicing Representative (Level 2) Coach
  • Fulltime or part time employees of State Associations working in State Youth Programs
  • Secondary candidates appointed as head coaches at District/Grade Club Level

CNSW Selection Criteria 

Based on the Cricket Australia criteria, Cricket NSW employs the following guidelines in nominating candidates for the course: 

  • Full Time Coaching Staff in the CNSW State Cricket Department
  • Part Time Coaching Staff in the CNSW State Cricket Department and State Youth Level Programs (Ie NSW U19, U17, U15)
  • Identified Coaches in the CNSW Elite Coaching Group
  • Part Time Coaching Staff in other CNSW State Youth Programs (eg Regional Directors of Coaching, Emerging Blues and Breakers Coaches)
  • Full Time CNSW staff involved in other CNSW State Youth Programs (eg Regional Cricket Managers)
  • Head Coaches (or equivalent title) at Sydney Grade Clubs

Further information available from David Moore on (02) 8302 6016 or