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Coaching Cricket

Introduction to Cricket (Level 0)

Introduction to Cricket is an online course launched by Cricket Australia in October 2008 for volunteers, parents and those who are beginning life as coaches.

This online Program is the perfect place to get to grips with the basics of coaching, so you can help your child, school or club team. In the interactive lessons you will learn key coaching techniques and principles and be given a survival guide that is essential for MILO in2CRICKET coordinators, junior team coaches, school teachers or volunteers managing sides. 

The course covers technical points, games and activities, tips for match days, and general information on the role of the coach. 

As the course is online, it can be completed at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. For a cricketing beginner, the course should take approximately two hours to complete. Cricket savy people will be able to complete it in a shorter time frame. 

You can log in and out as often as you please, so the course can be completed in a number of sittings to suit your personal timetable. 

If you haven’t already registered with the new Cricket Coaches Australia website, you will need to do so before gaining access to the course.

Click here to enrol in Introduction To Cricket. 

Once you’ve completed the course satisfactorily, you will be accredited by the Australian Sports Commission in both introductory coaching and umpiring. You will also become a member of Cricket Coaches Australia for your two-year accreditation period, gaining you discounts on resources and access to the Members Only website

As well as meeting the basic requirements for the beginner coach, Introduction To Cricket also covers the theoretical components of the Level One (Development) Coaching Course. 

Following completion of introduction to Cricket, coaches can sign up to a one day face to face practical day to upgrade their accreditation to Level One status.