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Cricket NSW are currently producing a Frequently Asked Questions document which will be available on this page.

In the meantime, if you have any questions please email

Note - all information below is as per the current NSW Government Public Health Orders (PHO). These FAQs will be updated as the NSW Government release new PHOs or Amendments to those PHOs.


Do I need to be vaccinated to participate or attend community cricket?
People aged 16 and over need to be fully vaccinated or have a valid medical exemption (Medical Certificate required). There is no requirement for people aged under 16 to be vaccinated.

Can unvaccinated people participate in community cricket from December 1?
As part of the NSW Government’s re-opening roadmap, the Government has indicated that from December 1, it will no longer restrict unvaccinated people from participating in community sport. However, it should be noted that this date is indicative and could change. For more information on the re-opening roadmap visit the Roadmap for easing COVID-19 restrictions.

If I live in Regional NSW and have had one dose and have a booking for a second dose, can I participate or attend community cricket?
Presently, the NSW Government Public Health Orders state that those aged 16 and over who are fully vaccinated, or with a medical exemption where a valid certificate is required, can participate in community sport. There is no requirement for people aged under 16 to be vaccinated.

I live in Regional NSW and I'm able to go to my place of employment having had one dose and a booking for a second dose before November 1. Why can't I participate in community sport?
Presently, the NSW Government Public Health Orders have not extended this setting to community sport and as such, to participate in community cricket you need to be fully vaccinated if aged 16 and above or have a medical exemption where the valid certificate is required. There is no requirement for people aged under 16 to be vaccinated.

How does a club oversee vaccination compliance?
- For those involved in any training activity – indoors or outdoors – it is the responsibility of those participating in any gathering to comply with the vaccination or medical exemption requirements, and to obey the Public Health Orders at all times.
Volunteers must not get involved in confrontation or be subjected to physical or verbal abuse for trying to keep participants safe and compliant. If individuals do not comply with the Public Health Orders, it is a matter for the police.
More information can be found on the NSW Government “Vaccination Compliance and Obligations” factsheet.
- Furthermore, for indoor training activities, Clubs and Associations are required to take reasonable steps to ensure participants; are vaccinated; that they check-in using a Service NSW QR Code; and are compliant with the Public Health Orders.

Medical exemptions
As advised on both the NSW Health and websites, people who have had COVID-19 can be vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine once they have recovered from their illness. There is no need to delay vaccination, however it may be deferred for up to 6 months. If vaccination is deferred, a GP can authorise a temporary exemption from vaccination by completing a NSW COVID-19 vaccine medical contraindication form.
For more information, visit


COVID-19 positive tests
Cricket NSW’s advice to cricket clubs and associations is to follow the NSW Health information in relation to these matters. Please see the links below for the latest information.
- Confirmed cases 
- Close contacts 
- Casual contacts
- People with COVID-19 symptoms