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Project Stages and Timeline

High-level summary of the project methodology and the timeline for each of the project stages.

The project will be completed in the six stages outlined below and is anticipated to be completed early in 2020.

1. Scoping and Project Management – July 2019

  • Workshop with CNSW staff and management
  • Project Management Plan
  • Review relevant strategies and policies

2. Audit Review, Analysis and Data Enhancement – July – August 2019

  • Data analysis report
  • Facilities hierarchy
  • Decision-making criteria

3. Stakeholder Consultation – September – October 2019

  • Large-scale online survey
  • Depth interviews with key stakeholders
  • Extensive regional workshops with Clubs and Local Government

4. Final Strategy and Implementation - January 2020

  • Final State Infrastructure Strategy
  • Detailed implementation plan
  • Updated 2019 Community Impact Study

5. Data Visualisation Tools and Framework - November – December 2019

  • Best practice software and technology
  • Data storage recommendations
  • Data collection and visualisation workshops

6. Strategic Communications – Throughout the project life

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Communications toolkit
  • Resource guides


If you have any questions regarding the CNSW Infrastructure Strategy please feel free to send your enquiry to: