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Project Overview and Outcomes

We have commissioned the development of a State Infrastructure Strategy to provide guidance for prospective facilities investment.

We are committed to improving and delivering the facilities we need at all levels of the game.

This strategy will assist in evaluating the current situation of cricket facilities across the state, identifying priority areas in need of attention and shaping the direction of future provision.

The outcomes of this project will include:

  • Region specific insights to guide and influence Cricket and stakeholder investment priorities
  • Evidence-based considerations for new facilities and or upgrades/maintenance to existing facilities
  • Strategic communication content demonstrating the value of partnerships and investment
  • A thorough community impact assessment highlighting the economic, health and social benefits of cricket infrastructure
  • Specific rationale for further Council engagement
  • Rationale for facility opportunities and engagement with Schools
  • Identification of Cricket and Community Centres, high performance opportunities and indoor cricket facility locations


If you have any questions regarding the CNSW Infrastructure Strategy please feel free to send your enquiry to: