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Cricket NSW Foundation

Cricket NSW is embarking on a new and exciting adventure.

We are committed to growing the philanthropic efforts of Cricket NSW, inspiring our communities and leaving a legacy.

Sport is a catalyst for positive social change and sport elicits emotion like nothing else.

We have a duty to be actively giving back to our community and we have a responsibility to act in a way that places our community at the forefront and ensures that our community is the beneficiary of our decision making.

Cricket NSW is excited to be forming a new Foundation, our charitable arm that exists to support the growth of cricket and community across NSW.

Our professional teams – Breakers, Blues, Sixers and Thunder – exist due to the ongoing passion and time invested by our communities.

So, join us on this journey. Your time, your connections and your donations will help us achieve our purpose – to inspire everyone to love cricket.

CLICK HERE to donate and for more information please contact