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Basil Sellers Scholarship Program

The Basil Sellers Scholarship Program is made possible by the generosity of philanthropist and former NSW Cricket Director, Basil Sellers.

The Basil Sellers Scholarship Program was born after a chance meeting between Basil and the then Australian wicketkeeper, Adam Gilchrist, in 2004.

Since 1985, Basil Sellers had been sponsoring the Country Boys Coaching Class, a program that had been running since the 1950s that brought talented junior players from regional NSW to Sydney for clinics. 

Adam Gilchrist was one of the beneficiaries of this class when he was 15-years-old and one of his memories from the clinics was receiving a Speedo t-shirt from Basil! 17 years later, when their paths crossed again, Gilchrist recounted the story of this presentation to Basil and expressed his thanks for the opportunity the Coaching Class had given him. 

It was a gesture that certainly left its mark on Basil who was thrilled that his sponsorship had had such a wonderful effect on the career of one of Australia’s most exciting cricketers. 

After that meeting, he contacted Cricket NSW to see if the Program still existed and after several months of discussions, he decided that a scholarship in his name should be made available to help young cricketers achieve their dreams. 

Aims of the Scholarship 

  • To facilitate the development of a young talented cricketer/cricketers 
  • To support a cricketer’s move from regional to city life, if necessary 
  • To assist the cricketer with education, training, employment and social skills 
  • To retain in cricket, talented young sports people who have considerable ability in cricket and other sports 

Eligibility Criteria 

1. AGE: The player must be between 16 and 19 years of age. 

2. RESIDENCY: The player must be a permanent resident of Australia. 

3. PLAYING QUALIFICATION: The player must be an identified cricketer within the Cricket NSW High Performance Talent Identification and Coaching structure. 

Selection Process

The NSW State Talent Manager will identify prospective scholarship holders via the Cricket NSW Talent Identification and Coaching Scheme, for recommendation to the NSW Cricket Board.