On Saturday evening, the leading women’s cricketers past and present in Australia came together in celebration of their record-breaking achievements in the ICC Women’s World Cup competition over the years, and to award the very deserving winning Australian teams from 1978, 1982, 1988, 1997 and 2005 with their gold medals.

The ceremony took place almost 40 years after Australia’s first triumph at the ICC Women’s World Cup - winning the Jack Hayward Trophy in 1978. Since then Australia has gone on to win the trophy another five times, and this weekend the Southern Stars will be leaving for England and Wales, where they will be looking to successfully defend, and retain, the coveted title. 

Lendlease Breakers coach, and former Australian and World Cup winning player, Joanne Broadbent was in attendance on the night and shared how much receiving her medal meant to her.

“It was a huge moment getting recognised alongside some of the most talented women of the game. You share a very special bond, having been through such unique experience, and it’s great to be able to celebrate everyone’s successes and hear all the stories of comradery and life-long friendships formed.”

Broadbent, as the coach of the first fully professional women’s domestic sports team in Australia, also noted how the evening had once again demonstrated just how far the game had come over the years, and what an exciting time it was to be in women’s sport.

“Women’s sport, and cricket in particular, has come such a long way. Some of the women who played before us achieved the most remarkable things, yet only a select few every knew about them.

Now women’s sport is in the spotlight. And the achievements of these great athletes, who are at the top of their game, aren’t happening in isolation. They are seen and people are taking notice.

As a coach, it’s really gratifying to know that the players who I work with and watch evolve as athletes every day have this great opportunity in front of them.”