The best young male talent in NSW will be on display at Coffs Harbour next month during the U/17 NSW State Challenge from 18 to 20 August.

Four teams playing as Sydney Sixers and Sydney Thunder country and city zone sides will each contest three 50-over matches as a trial for the U/17 National Championships a month later.

Following the State Challenge the best city players will be selected in the NSW U/17 Metropolitan side while the leading country players will make up the ACT/NSW Country U/17 team.

The U/17 National Championships in will be staged in Brisbane from 25 September to 5 October.


Sixers Country Zone squad

Joshua (wk)       Staines (c)          Riverina

Jack                     Allen                   Southern/ACT

Nicholas             Clarke                 North Coastal

William               Fort                     Central Northern

Jackson               Gwynne              Central Northern

Harry                  Rosengren          Riverina

Lewis                  Hextell                Newcastle

Luke                    Muddle               Newcastle

Caelan                Maladay             North Coastal

Kaleb                  Phillips                Southern / ACT

Esam                   Rahman              Southern / ACT

Ravi                     Wikramanayake Southern / ACT

Glenn                  Winsor                Newcastle

Coach – Kyle Piper                       


Thunder Country Zone Squad

Joshua                Claridge (c)        Newcastle

Riley                    Gow                    Riverina

Toby                    Gray                    Newcastle

Broc                    Hardy                  Central Coast

Max                    Harper                Riverina

Nathan               Hillier                  Newcastle

Jackson (wk)      Korn                    North Coastal

Brock                  Larance               Western

Mitchell              Lole                     Newcastle

Joshua                Low-McMahon  Southern / ACT

Dominic              O'Shannessy       Southern / ACT

Henry                  Railz                    Western

Tanvir                 Singh                   Western

Coach – Greg McLay


Sixers Metro Zone squad

Oliver                  Davies                 Manly

Lachlan               Hearn                  Mosman

Ajay                    Singh                   Northern District

Josh                     Moors                 St George

Jacob                  Workman           Parramatta

Mac                    Jenkins                Randwick Petersham

Youvraj               Sharma               Blacktown

Raajdeep            Singh                   Penrith

Michael               Kennedy             St George

Harry                  Manenti             Sydney

Dhruv                  Kant                    Blacktown

Tyson                  Gilbert                Sutherland

Tanveer              Sangar                Campbeltown

Coach – Gavan Twining


Thunder Metro Zone squad

Sam                     Fanning               Northern District

Atharva               Patil                    Fairfield Liverpool

Tyson                  Lee                      Mosman

Aryan                  Kate                    Fairfield liverpool

Liam                    Marshall             Bankstown

Hayden               Goulstone          Parramatta

Zeeshan              Ahmed                Bankstown

Nivek                  Tanner                Uni of NSW

Rhys                    Ward                  Bankstown

Liam                    Scott                   Sydney

Lawson               Eva                      Blacktown

Hugh                   Sherriff               Sydney

Tim                     Reynolds            North Sydney

Brad                    Simpson             Bankstown

Coach – Beau Casson