The Southern Stars were joined today by previous ICC Women's World Cup winning captains and NSW alumni Lyn Larsen (1988) and Belinda Clark (1997 and 2005). These legends of the game spent time with the team ahead of their departure for the 2017 ICC Women's World Cup in England and Wales next week, sharing their experiences, wisdom and guidance.

During their time with the team, both women emphasised the excitement of taking part in such a high-profile tournament and the importance of keeping perspective on what’s really important.

“Cricket is a game where the comradery and gelling of a team is really important. So, the work that they’re doing now is partly focused on skill and physical preparation. There will be a part of it around mental preparation but there’s also a part of it around connecting and making sure that they are really well placed as a team to take on the challenges that they’ll face,” said Belinda Clark.

Australian vice-captain and Lendlease Breakers captain Alex Blackwell commented on how although the game has changed dramatically in recent years, there are still so many things that apply today. Particularly around the pressure that the team will be facing and the importance of keeping the team together.

“I thought today was really valuable. The team has already started to talk about some of these things, so to hear it from these legends reinforces that we are on the right track,” noted Blackwell.

“I’ve been part of a couple of world cups and I think that this one is going to be very special. Women’s cricket is in a wonderful place. England is going to put on a wonderful show and host us very well and we’ve got many women who have been before us and laid that path to allow us to be professionals now and we want to go over there and represent them well,” Blackwell concluded.