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Representative Coach Accreditation Course (Level 2)

The Cricket Australia Representative (Level Two) Coaching Course is designed for coaches involved at levels of the player pathway which feed into the high performance levels of cricket. That is, coaches involved in premier grade clubs, district/squad programs or representative teams.

It has been developed in consultation with State and Territory coaching managers, staff from the Cricket Australia Centre of Excellence (COE) and in consultation with the Australian Sports Commission. 

This course is registered under the Australian Sports Commission’s National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS). Cricket Australia is the recognised provider of the Cricket Australia NCAS and empowers its State and Territory Cricket Associations to deliver this course on its behalf. 

The course is intended to meet the various defined outcomes and competencies without being proscriptive of delivery styles or presentation formats. Course organizers should detail fully the requirements of each topic area (content, outcomes, competencies and assessment requirements) to ensure that presenters are then able to meet such requirements in a manner compatible with their own styles. 

The Australian Sports Commission’s Level Two General Principles course manual, Better Coaching – Advanced Coach’s Manual – Second Edition (Ed. Frank Pyke) is the key reference and is accompanied by a cricket-specific Workbook. Other cricket specific resources are provided to candidates. 

As part of the pre-course requirements, candidates must register with and complete the free on-line training for coaches. 

A Play By The Rules Certificate (available on-line once requirements are met) must be provided to the Course Supervisor to confirm that this has been successfully completed. 

Given the importance of “Umpiring, the Laws of Cricket and the Spirit of Cricket”, this is also an out-of-course requirement based upon the Cricket Australia Umpiring Guide CD-ROM and associated work requirements. 

It is also a requirement that coaches agree to abide by the Cricket Australia Coach’s Code of Behaviour to satisfy accreditation under the NCAS. 

Representative (Level Two) Curriculum 

This course fulfils the Level Two Coaching Principles requirements of the NCAS as prescribed by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC). 

Recognition of prior learning for this course, however, is ultimately the responsibility of the appropriate National Sporting Organisation (NSO). To qualify for accreditation as a Representative (Level Two) coach and registration with the ASC, coaches must also complete sport specific and coaching practice components, as well as any other requirements set down by the NSO. 

This curriculum can be utilised in combination with a sport specific component to form an integrated Representative (Level Two) coaching course. Integrated courses and the coaching practice components will usually be conducted and administered by the State Sporting Organisation affiliated with the appropriate NSO. 

The Representative (Level Two) Coaching Principles course aims to develop practical coaching knowledge and skills for the intermediate coach. Better Coaching: Advanced Coach’s Manual is the ASC's text for the Coaching Principles course, with a variety of other recommended texts as mentioned within the course. This curriculum is also used in conjunction with the Level Two Coaching Principles Workbook. 

The Representative (Level Two) curriculum is divided into the below modules of study. 

Principles of Coaching




Games sense


Pace bowling

Spin bowling



Game sense

Applied biomechanics

Applied skill acquisition

Applied mental skills

Age requirements 

The ASC recommends a minimum age of 18 years. 

Each participant is encouraged to contact their sport to find the minimum age requirements of their sport specific component. 


The ASC requires that each candidate is a current Level One NCAS registered coach actively coaching in a sport specific area. 

Recognition of prior learning 

Determination, on an individual basis, of the competencies obtained by a coach through previous training, work experience and/or life experience may result in advanced standing being offered, whole or in part, for the Representative (Level Two)Coaching Principles course. 

Refer to the Coaching Principles Agency Handbook for further information on recognition of prior learning. 

Cricket NSW (CNSW) has released one National Cricket Coaching Plan Level 2 Certificate Course for 2017:



  • 9am – 6pm Sunday 17th December
  • 8am - 5pm Monday 18th December
  • 8am – 5pm Tuesday19th December
  • 8am - 5pm Wednesday 20th December

Venue:             Sydney Cricket Ground
                        Driver Avenue
                        Moore Park

Note:              FULL attendance necessary to complete the course.

Cost:              SCG: $800 for candidates – including meals and course materials.              


Currently accredited Level One (Development) Cricket Coach
Minimum 1 year as a practising Level One Coach
Minimum 18 years of age


The Representative Level 2 Course encompasses a number of theoretical and practical assessment tasks.  These are spread out over the 2017/18 cricket season finishing in April 2018.

Assessments will be completed prior to, during and after the residential component. Exact details will be provided to successful applicants.

Selection Criteria

The Cricket Australia Representative Level 2 Coaching Course is designed for
Coaches who are coaching within the player pathway. That is, coaches involved in CNSW State Cricket programs, SCA grade clubs, district/squad programs or
junior/school representative teams.

For quality control reasons, each course is restricted to 28 candidates.

CNSW employs the following criteria in selecting candidates for the courses:

  1. Coaches involved in CNSW/ CACT State Cricket Programs
  1. Coaches to be trained for the purpose of delivering Level One Courses for CNSW/ CACT – max four per course
  1. Coaches involved at District/Grade Club Level- maximum two per club.
  1. Coaches involved coaching at Junior Representative level both school and districts – maximum two per school/district (priority given to coaches working in older age groups)

NB             A second coach from a District/Grade Club would only be considered where vacancies exist in a course after exhausting the option of one coach per school/district in point 4.

  1. Coaches involved at Sub-district level – maximum one per club
  1. Junior Club or school coaches (priority given to coaches working in older age groups) – maximum two per area


Each successful candidate will be accredited by the Australian Coaching Council Scheme and Cricket Australia as a Representative Level 2 Coach.


Interested candidates can apply to attend either of these courses by completing the below nomination form by 24th November 2017.

CLICK HERE to nominate.

Letter of Support (Nominations without this letter will not be considered)

Nominees from the Sydney Metropolitan area are required to send a one page letter of support from their Grade Club/NSWDCA Association with their nomination form.

Nominees from Country NSW/ ACT are required to send a one page letter of support from their CNSW Zone Academy Coach/ Regional Development Manager with their nomination form.

Nominees involved in school cricket are required to send a one page letter of support from their NSWSCA Cricket Convenor (ie GPS, CAS, CHS, CCC, CSC) with their nomination form.


All applicants will be advised of selections in early March. Please do not send any money at this stage.